Nearly all the reclaimed scaffold boards we use are sourced companies around Sussex & Surrey. These boards have been used on a building site, so each one will have a degree of history. This may include, cuts, rust stains, holes etc, all adding to the completed tables character.
In most cases, the 4” x 2” timber and fence posts will come from reclamation yard, salvage companies and local builders that will always have some wood left after a job.
For the long lengths, if we do not have available we will buy from the local timber merchant, less than 1 mile away.
We also look on Gumtree and Freecycle for unwanted wood and left overs, it is amazing how much and what gets thrown out.
Every Rustic Table is slightly different of course but the basics are the same.
The rustic joints  are glued and screwed together for the superior fixing strength.
We use 502 all-purpose weatherproof wood glue, It can be used internally and externally and provides a high strength, impact resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself.
The screws are Timberfix 360 part threaded Wood screws (5mm x 100mm & 5mm x 70mm), zinc yellow plated for extra corrosion resistance.
The heads of the screws are covered by wooden 10mm dowels that are glued in place, planed flush and sanded.
Detachable Legs:
If access to your property is restricted we would recommend the detachable leg option. Please see the photos above for details of how these look. If you have your table delivered by a courier or you pick up, you'll need a small 10mm ratchet and a star allen-key, plus another pair of hands.
We try to be as competitive as possible but thankfully I am not in the mass production market.
All our Rustic Dining and Patio Tables are handmade and because I use reclaimed wood with character, construction time is increased due to the requirements of sanding the wood back to a suitable finish.
However business is business so I am happy to listen to any reasonable offers, more so for larger orders or businesses, we also run promotions from time to time, take a look at our Promotions page for further details.


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