The tabletop finish is hardy and does not need much care, however we do recommend an additional coat when you start to see the colour fading. This will depend on where the table is placed and if you regularly use a cover (highly recommended).  

An additional coat will build up protection and pep up the look. (please read manufactures guideline of your stain or contact us for advice) 

All timber is subject to shrinkage or expansion, the extent of which depends on the exact environment where it is placed, movement mainly occurs within the first few weeks while the item adjusts to the elements. This is all totally normal behaviour for wood. If you leave your table uncovered during the winter then more movement and expansion can be expected. 

Our guidelines for general care are as follows: 


  • Although UV protected, wood will mature or fade in colour quicker in direct sunlight, in addition the UK weather isn’t always what we would like it to be, so try to cover your table when not in use. 

  • Invest in a suitable cover. Once covered, please make sure that the Table can breathe, we recommend placing soft objects (like tennis balls) to aid air flow. This will avoid the table sweating. 

  • The table (& bench) legs are fixed with rubber feet, we recommend keeping these on to avoid contact with any wet surface. 

  • We do not recommend standing the table on grass or gravel as this will bridge the barrier between the legs and a wet ground, better to use a small plinth under each leg.  

  • Do not put hot items directly on to the table – always use mats where appropriate. 

  • Any spills should be mopped up promptly. 

  • Avoid the use of strong detergents on wood. 

  • When re-coating or painting, please follow manufacturers guidelines. 

  • Always take care when moving furniture – the table should be carried evenly, never dragged or pushed.  

  • The table is extremely heavy, so we do not recommend moving it alone. 


Your furniture has been treated & painted using the following; please refer to your order for your colour / stain. 


Main Frame:  Gardens Shades by Cuprinol 



Top: OSMO Natural Oil Woodstain  




Please refer to your order for your chosen colour and stain or alternatively contact The Table Guy for any clarification, we are always here to help.