Handmade in Surrey since 2014, made from reclaimed wood and scaffold boards these unique rustic patio tables make an ideal centre piece for your Garden.
 Built to almost any size from 1.8 metres to 3.5+ metres with a huge range of colours & stains to choose from.
The Prosecco Patio table has one or two integral ice buckets that can easily accommodate 6+ bottles of your favourite tipple in each trough.
All our tables and benches are made to order. Please visit our Shop for Prices
A unique way to entertain

Deep ice buckets can easily hold 6 bottles of your favourite sparkling tipple

Patio Table Herb Garden

You don't just have to fill your ice buckets with drinks, why not place an easy lift-out planted herb trough.

Rustic Patio Table

No need for unsightly parasol bases when you combine your parasol with a Rustic Patio Table

Deep Ice Buckets

Each ice bucket can easily fit 6 prosecco bottles.

The Prosecco Grill Table

Why not add an electric hot plate to your table, keep the guests fed and watered, lovely jubbly.

Twin Ice Buckets covered

Each table and bench come with rubber feet so your set won't be sitting on a damp surface.

3m Patio table with ice buckets

Patio table made from reclaimed wood. Dark wood stained top and Cuprinol Country Cream Garden Shades paint to match the tiles.

Dark Walnut Patio Table

All tables are completely bespoke, so you can choose any colour combination you wish

Prosecco Party Patio Table

Plenty of room in the ice buckets for six bottles plus. The perfect way to chill your drinks for the larger gathering.

Prosecco Table with ice bucket

A close up of how deep the Prosecco bottles nestle within the ice bucket.

Rustic Patio Tables x 2

Two full sets, each table can sit between 14 - 18 people. 6 to 7 each side, 1-2 each end. Almost a coach load.