Off-The-Shelf Prosecco Patio Table

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Desk Tops: Reclaimed scaffold boards
Frame: Reclaimed wood

Rustic Prosecco Dining/Patio table, with integral Ice Buckets.

Handmade in Outwood, Surrey by The Table Guy, this unique Prosecco Patio Table is 1100mm (5 boards) wide and 2200mm long, all made from reclaimed wood.

Please ask if you want an even wider table than 5 scaffold boards or take a look at our Square Prosecco Tables. If you’re ooking for something else, please send us your requirements.

Our standard length for these style tables, are from 1500mm to 3200mm long but you can have any length in between, all made from reclaimed wood. If you require a longer table we do offer Banqueting Tables from 3.3m up to a huge 3.8m.

The unique Prosecco Patio Table contains two cavity troughs. Each trough has its own wooden lid so they can be used as a cool box, ice box, storage box, a mixture or even a herb garden, all depends on the occasion.

Suitable for interior or exterior use.


The frame is constructed from 75mm chunky square legs.

The rustic sturdy frame is sanded then applied with two coats of Garden Shades furniture paint by Cuprinol - Urban Slate.

To protect the legs from damp & wet surfaces each leg has a 10mm thick rubber foot.

This table comes with detachable legs.


Constructed from sections of used scaffold boards.

The boards benefit from repeated sanding that are then stained with an Osmo Natural Oil woodstain for exterior wood (Clear 420 in a Vintage Pine Board Finish) an all-in-one protective oil and preserver.

We always advise that you see a selection of samples, before choosing your stain colour. Please see the design page for more information.

THE DESCRIPTION: (the Xtra-Factor):

More about the Prosecco Table’s unique feature!

On first sight the table may look like a conventional table however when you remove two sections of scaffold board, two cavity troughs are revealed, these not only give your table great everyday versatility but also a talking point on every occasion.

When filled with ice, the cavity troughs become central ice buckets comfortably housing numerous Prosecco, wine and beer bottles or drinks of you and your guests favourite tipple, complemented by two beer bottle openers attached to opposing table legs (optional).

The ice buckets are also fitted with a tap on the underside for simple draining of water from resulting melted ice.

Alternatively, you may want to use your trough for a variety of potted growing mixed herbs or flowers, serving not just as an attractive centrepiece yet also for guests to add to dishes as required.

Why not impress your diners with an electric hot plate (not included) placed between the troughs and use one of the troughs as an ice cooler for your food, perfect for long casual evenings during the winter months or during the inclement summers.

When the trough covers are replaced, the cavity becomes a storage area for those items that every table seems to collect. The troughs are deep enough to house beer sized bottles and cover.


This is a off-the-shelf table, so the design can’t be modified.


The size of the troughs are:

Cool Bo’ x 2: (tapered)

Length – 560mm / 22”

Width – 260mm / 10 ¼”

Depth – 240mm / 9 ½”

Larger dimensions are approximate +/- 20mm.

The ice box will produce a certain amount of condensation when filled with ice, as would any ice bucket.

After draining the ice bucket by the tap, a small amount of water will remain and will need to be removed by a sponge.

Each scaffold board has its own unique history therefore the wood stains may vary slightly, more so on the lighter stains.

IMPORTANT: Please read through our Terms and Conditions & check the access to your property before ordering.

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