Rustic Patio Table & 2 Benches

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Desk Tops: Reclaimed scaffold boards
Frame: Reclaimed wood

Rustic Patio Table. (Refectory Style)

Handmade in Outwood, Surrey by The Table Guy, this unique Prosecco patio table is from 900mm (4 scaffold boards) to 1100mm (5 scaffold boards) wide and from 1500mm to 3200mm long, all made from reclaimed wood.


The frame is constructed from 75mm chunky square legs and central stretcher, reclaimed wood and builder’s off-cuts / extra's (where possible).

The rustic sturdy frame is sanded then applied with two coats of Garden Shades furniture paint by Cuprinol with a colour of your choice.

They are a traditional refectory style so come with the end stretchers and central runner between the legs.


Constructed from sections of used scaffold boards.

The boards benefit from repeated sanding that are then stained with an Osmo Natural Oil woodstain for exterior wood (with a colour of your choice) an all-in-one protective oil and preserver.


Two long sturdy benches are included in the price. The benches will nestle under the table when not in use.

Measurements are 330mm Wide x 460mm High x inside measurement of your table minus 60mm.


This is a bespoke table, so the design can be modified to suit existing dining chairs so that they all fit between the legs of the table comfortably. Please note that the end and central stretcher may impede on certain types of chairs fitting under the table, if this may be the case the stretcher can be lowered.

Should you require a central parasol hole, then to accommodate the parasol pole the central bottom stretcher will be rotated on its side. Both holes are 50mm as standard.

If you would prefer non-reclaimed wood, please ask before ordering

  1. Confirm the length of your table. Consider any existing chairs and available room space, choose the nearest length in the order drop box, add exact length in the options field if different.
  2. Decide if you require detachable legs or fixed.
  3. Confirm if you require a parasol hole.
  4. Confirm the width of your table. We have two standard widths, 900mm (4 boards) wide & 1100mm (5 boards) wide and a modified width of 800mm where 4 scaffold boards are each trimmed by about 25mm.
  5. Confirm table colour (frame). Garden Shades by Cuprinol have a large range of shades that can be viewed online and are stocked by most B & Q’s.
  6. Confirm table top stain. We mainly use Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain. If you require samples (recommended) Please list 3 to 4 preferred colours, samples will then be posted.

You can notify us of your colour and stain choices after placing an order, in which case, add TBC to colour and stain choices.

The size of the troughs are;

Cool Box x 2: (tapered)

Length – 560mm / 22”

Width – 260mm / 10 ¼”

Depth – 240mm / 9 ½”


Larger dimensions are approximate +/- 20mm.

The ice box will produce a certain amount of condensation when filled with ice, as would any ice bucket.

After draining the ice bucket by the tap, a small amount of water will remain and will need to be removed by a sponge.

Each scaffold board has its own unique history therefore stains may vary slightly, more so on lighter stains.

IMPORTANT: Please read through our Terms and Conditions & check the access to your property before ordering.

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