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Thank you for visiting this very important page if you are considering ordering a table from The Table Guy.


Please have a careful read before placing your order for your bespoke Rustic Dining, Refectory, Garden or Banqueting table (and benches), I hope it helps with your decision making.



- Thank you! 

How Many Guests Will My Table Fit?


Probably the most asked question that we receive. The two key elements to consider are;


1) your seating requirements & 2) the space available.


Lets start with the seating. Most chairs range from 40cm to 65cm wide (see B in the sketch below) so it is these widths that have to be considered first. 

Calculation 1: If your chairs are 50cm each, then the combined chair width is 150cm (3 x B).


Calculation 2: Decide on the gap between the chairs (see A in the sketch above). We would normally say 1cm or 2 cm is sufficient, so now you have to add 4 x A, lets say 8cm (4 x A).

Calculation 3: Our standard table legs are 7.5cm wide, therefore an additional 15cm has to be factored in.

Calculation 4: The table overhang (see C in the sketch above). The over hang does depend on the length of table and it varies as below;

  • a 1200mm to 1900mm table the O/H will be: 7.5cm x 2 = 15cm

  • a 2000mm table the O/H will be: 5.0cm x 2 = 10cm

  • a 2100mm table the O/H will be: 7.5cm x 2 = 15cm

  • a 2200mm table the O/H will be: 10.0cm x 2 = 20cm

  • a 2300mm to 2900mm table the O/H will be: 12.5cm x 2 = 25cm

  • a 3000mm to 3800mm table the O/H will be: 15.0cm x 2 = 30cm

IIn summary, a table with 3 x 50cm chairs will require a table of at least 190cm long (3 chairs x 50cm + 8cm Gaps between the chairs + width of legs 15cm + total overhang 15cm). Now you have to decide if you have the space.


The above overhang measurements are standard but as your table is bespoke, if you require to increase or decrease the overhang, then this is not a problem just please state in additional requests. 


Although our tables are listed in increments of 10cm (100mm), you can order any size that best suits the space that you have, so 1875mm for example. Just choose the nearest length and add the exact measurement to Additional Requests when placing an order.


If you are looking at a table with ice buckets, please bear in mind, that tables less than 200cm only have one ice bucket due to the length of the table.

If you do have one ice bucket on a Garden Table, then it isn’t possible to have a central parasol hole, unless you have the bucket off-set. You can see a photo of an off-set bucket in the gallery above.

Table Height:

Our tables are a standard 760mm high, (see C, in the sketch below) This includes the 10mm adjustable feet supplied with all our Tables & Benches.







The height of the table from the floor to the bottom edge of the table is 630mm (see A, in the sketch above), very important if your chairs have arms. If you require extra height to your table, please state when ordering.

Tables with metal frames do not have an apron, so the measurement A, will be increased.

Central and End Stretchers (refectory style tables only):

The central (runner) and end stretchers are the pieces of wood that add strength to the table and connect the legs to each other and each end - Refectory Style.

Please consider the end stretcher (see B in the sketch above) if you want to slide a chair underneath at the ends of the table. Our Rustic Dining Tables do not have the stretchers and a runner - Farm House Style.

Table Widths


Most of our tables are made from reclaimed scaffold boards, so table widths are generally governed by the widths of the boards. Each board can vary between 215mm and 225mm, we use 220mm as the standard width to calculate our table measurements.




5 board wide table is 1120mm wide (includes 5mm gaps between the boards)


4 board wide table is 895mm wide (includes 5mm gaps between the boards)


3 board wide table is 670mm wide (includes 5mm gaps between the boards)


We also offer to trim the boards should you require a slightly different width. Please see each listing for this or email with your requirements.


If you are looking at a Prosecco Style table then the bucket(s) are normally in the centre board. On a 4 board table, the ice buckets would be cut in to the two central boards, please refer to the photos in the header of this page.

Your Design:

If any of the above might be an issue, please do get in contact as we can always design around 99% of issues. 

Should you wish to make any amendments to your order after ordering, please send any such requests by your normal email to To avoid any errors, we can not accept any verbal, text or social media requests for modifications.

Stain and Colour Options:

For Indoor Tables, please choose from the following;

Indoor Frame Colour: We mainly use paint from the Farrow & Ball range but we can also match colours that are mixed by Dulux Decorating Centres. For this we would require a sample of the colour required.

Table Top Stain: As standard we use a water based stain by Manns, a UK Company.

Table Top Protection: As an additional protection, we apply two coats of a Hard Wax Oil by Fiddes for Indoor Tables. The hard wax oil has the following features;

  • A highly durable blend of waxes and oils for wooden floors and other interior wood
  • Scratch and scuff resistant whilst protecting against liquid spills
  • Does not crack, flake, peel or blister
  • Easily maintained and restored
  • Safe for humans, animals and plants when dry
  • Very High VOC


For Outdoor Tables, please choose from the following;

Outdoor Frame Colour: As standard we use an exterior furniture paint by Cuprinol from their Garden Shades range.

Table Top Stain: For the exterior tables, we use a natural oil stain from OSMO. The premium oil has the following features;

  • An all-in-one protective oil stain for exterior wood

  • Offers a durable, long lasting finish

  • Provides excellent weather protection

  • UV filters protect against the greying effects of sunlight

  • Contains active ingredients to protect against mould, algae and fungal attack

  • Dries to a semi-transparent, satin-matt finish

  • High V.O.C



Table top stains are always hard to decide upon, so we highly recommend that samples are posted to you. Simply add your 4 preferences to 'Additional Requests' when you order and they will be posted to you via Hermes.

You can of course decide after ordering, please email with your preferences when you have decided. Please note that we will require your decision at least 10 working days before delivery.


Hermes will, if you've provided your email address, send an email notification once the box is on its way. From this point, you can track the samples so you don't miss them. If you have a request to Hermes, where this can be delivered (i.e inside porch, by green bin etc) please do state and we will pass the information on.


When you have received your samples, Please do keep them safe until we deliver your table and then hand back to Mark (our delivery driver). This helps us no end and speeds up the process of sending the samples and more importantly, reduces waste.


We do endeavour to post all samples on a weekly basis but in the height of the season this may vary. It also helps greatly when we receive the samples back, they are very precious to us :-) so please keep them handy.

Making a timely decision (by email) on your stain will speed up delivery of your table. As stated above, we require 10 working days from your decision (next working day) to the date of delivery. This will greatly depend on our schedule of course.

Thank you so much for reading the design page, I & we hope you love the table as much as we did making it - Jezz and the Table Guy Team. (please don't forget to read the equally important Delivery page)

Version 1.2 12th February 2021

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