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Meet The Team


Jezz (The Table Guy himself)


Started the company July 2014

What would you put in your Prosecco Bucket? Estrella Galicia Beer

Favourite Drink: Small Batch Gin 'n' Tonic

Likes: Brighton & Hove Albion!!

Dislikes: Warm beer and rude people.



Director/Head of Marketing

Joined: April 2018

What would you put in your Prosecco Bucket? A few beers, some Prosecco and of course Aperol Spritz.

Favourite Drink? Aperol Spritz all day everyday please!

Likes: Food.. Interior Design and a cosy night on the sofa (with Alpha!).


Dislikes: Being cold (with you on that Maisie) and un-tidyness!




Joined: July 2022

What would you put in your Prosecco Bucket? White Wine or an English Sparkling Wine

Favourite Drink: Cup of tea (no sugar!)

Likes: Cats and eating out!

Dislikes: Being cold!! and mushrooms.



Workshop Team Member 

Joined: September 2021

What would you put in your Prosecco Bucket? White Wine

Favourite Drink: White Wine :)


Likes: Playing Bowls, Peace & Quiet (not a lot of it in the workshop!) and watching Football.

Dislikes: Losing at Bowls, Spiders and unnecessary lateness.



Delivery Driver

Joined: June 2021

Charles is keeping busy delivering your tables and is still deciding all his answers :)

But we do know that he's partial to a biscuit and a cup of tea!


James (Jim)

Workshop Team Member 

Joined: January 2022

What would you put in your Prosecco Bucket? Storm-trooper Beer

Favourite Drink: Pepsi Cherry

Likes: Gaming with friends, trying to annoy Mike :) and my current job!


Dislikes: National Rail, disrupted sleep and things going wrong.



Quality Control 

Joined: August 2022

What would you put in your Prosecco Bucket? Bottom-Sniffer Beer for Dogs :)

Favourite Drink: Milk.. but only Sundays as a treat.

Likes: Rocks, chasing pheasants around the farm and cuddles (even if they are forced sometimes).


Dislikes: Wind & Rain and losing my ball under the sofa!!

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