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Please do take a look at our Design & Delivery pages (Lead Times are displayed below) when considering buying a Table, these pages will answer many questions you have regarding colours and help with choosing the right size table for you and your home, very important if you have narrow access to your home or garden, our FAQ's page may also help. Once you are happy to proceed, please take a look at How to Order to see how easy it is.

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During the latest COVID-19 lock-down we shall continue to operate as normal as these odd times allow, therefore delivery times are strictly subject to Government intervention, our suppliers delivery times & possible lockdowns. 


Estimated Delivery Times

Due to unprecedented demand our lead times (for standard wooden tables) are approximately;


70 - 80 working days.

*Lead times for metal tables differ, please enquire for more information*

We are in the process of hiring more staff, so lead times may change.  




Are you looking for a unique handmade Rustic Table that isn't on the high street and a real centre piece for your Home or Garden, then look no further than the our original & unique Rustic Prosecco Table (established 2016).

The Rustic Prosecco table is made from reclaimed scaffold boards and has one, two or three integral ice buckets that can easily accommodate 6+ bottles of Prosecco or your favourite tipple. The troughs can also be used as a small herb or flower garden or even for storage. When the trough covers are replaced, the table reverts back to a more conventional table. How will you use yours?


 The totally bespoke rustic tables are built to almost any size from 1.5 metres to 3.8 metres long and between 800mm (modified), 900mm (4 scaffold boards) and 1100mm (5 scaffold boards) wide with a huge range of colours and a variety of stains, you can design your table to match your Home or Garden.

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